No matter how much you hate something, the death of it usually sends chills down your spine unless of course, you are a cold-blooded villain who enjoys sadism. Let me give a simple example; a rat. Assume you had a big rat in your wardrobe. You discovered it was responsible for eating up your clothes, your shoes and your books. You would certainly want to eliminate that rat especially if your shoes and clothes are now permanently damaged.

In fact, you would even be more determined to take the life of that rat if you are a person who shops…

He is in traffic jamming up to Selena Gomez’s Lose You to Love Me. It has been on replay since he left the house. His heart is broken; broken not by any particular human — broken into bits; broken by his job. This is not the life he envisioned when he graduated. He didn’t dream it would be this way. He looks out of the window. There’s barely any daylight yet. The atmosphere is pitch dark and slightly humid. The sea breeze coming from the Atlantic Ocean makes him a bit sleepy and the dim light in the Danfo bus…

Being in your 20’s and having a paying job could have been your dream years ago but now what is foremost on your mind is getting well-paid. If your current options to grow your income are limited and you need ideas on how to thrive on the little you have, I think you should consider these seven radical attitudes:

1. Greed Does Not Pay

You must have heard the adage that proverbs are the palm oil with which words are eaten.

So, let me share a proverb with you:

Money wrongly gotten will disappear bit by bit; money earned little…

Victor Okechukwu

I write about life.

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